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Entertainment At Large realizes that the quality and intelligibility of the sound can make a big impact at your event. We also understand that the number of guests and the area being used for the event play an important factor in what size sound system is needed. Mike has a variety of systems available and will match just the right combination of equipment to provide the quality and amount of sound needed for your event in the least intrusive package. There are NO six foot banquet tables and Mike's equipment has less tha a 3" footprint. The first thing you notice when you walk in the door shouldn’t be the DJ gear!


Entertainment At Large uses the BEST in professional audio, video and lighting equipment

  • Lab Gruppen & QSC amplifiers
  • NEXO Pro Audio speaker systems
  • QSC Sub Woofer systems
  • QSC - Sony wireless speakers
  • DBX and Rane processors
  • Dell computer Systems
  • DJ Power and MixMeister software
  • Pioneer audio mixers
  • Shure and Sony wireless systems
  • Fuhrman power conditioners
  • ETC Source Four ellipsoidal projectors
  • ADJ QA5 wireless, battery operated LED's
  • Chauvet Moving Head Fixtures


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